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    Hello Nano Tech Face and Body Fans !

    It is a hot and sticky summer and we are feeling it! Susan and I spent some time together last night and started chatting about the amazing uses and stories that we have heard about the Nano Tech Face and Body Cloth.

    Check out some of the cool uses that our customers have shared with us.

    Easily wipes away makeup with just warm water.

    Seamlessly takes off mascara and eye cosmetics.

    Removes semi permanent lip stick.

    Can be used to exfoliate face and body before using sunless tanner.

    Use lightly before shaving to exfoliate skin for a closer shave.

    can be used after a bikini wax to help avoid ingrown hairs. (we suggest waiting a few days)

    Extremely refreshing when Wet and frozen then stored in a cooler and take to the beach, camping, pool, or anywhere else.

    Cleans the grease paint football players use under their eyes with ease.

    Seamlessly Removes water proof suntan lotion.

    We keep hearing more and more applications!


    We decided it would be so much fun to launch a contest offering some coupons for our Nano Tech Face & Body Cloth!

    It is so very simple, all you have to do is enter our promotion below and you will be entered for a chance to win your very own reusable cloth.

    This Contest Ends 12:01:AM est. on 7/28/12.

    Happy Winning and with all of our best!
    Susan & Susan
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