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How to be a Redhead is always discussing items and products designed for naturally sensitive skin– without breaking the bank. We’ve found a product called the Nano Tech Reusable Face and Body Cloth.  It’s so good that was chosen as 1 of the 30 products for the Daytime Emmy Awards swag bag on June 23rd in Los Angeles, CA; this proves how great the product truly is!

The Nano Tech Reusable Face and Body Cloth is a newly discovered way to cleanse both your face and body.

Through Nanotechnology, the Nano fibers in the cloths clean as much as 75% more throughly than a traditional washcloth.

The tiny Nano fibers reach deep into pores to clean dirt, debris, dead skin cells, pollutants, and makeup.

The Best Part? There is no need for soaps and cleansers! The cloths clean your skin without soap! Your makeup and skin will be clean without having to drench your face and bathroom floor with water. And, you can easily wash the cloths in the washing machine.

How to Use It: Simply use the Nano Tech cloth as you would a cotton washcloth. We advise using lukewarm water.

Guaranteed Results: Your skin will breathe and makeup will go on more effectively.

Finally, we’ve found a great product for redheads that protects and perfects sensitive skin, is the best travel companion and the end result is flawless, beautiful skin!

So, today's product is a tad bit different than my normal review. I don't usually review towels (or pillowcases), though I seem to get a lot of requests. However, I had to try out Nano Tech when I heard that they could remove all of your makeup without any cleanser. Seriously. A wash cloth that negates the need for soap. I had to see for myself if it worked, I could just imagine the amazing space saving possibilities for my 3-1-1 bag!

Read on to learn more about these clothes and see if they really did remove my mascara.

First things first, it really does take pretty much everything off. Here is a Nano Tech cloth after removing my makeup. I fully admit to putting on waterproof eyeliner and mascara just to see if this thing really worked that well.

So, what exactly are these things and how are they different from a regular wash cloth? The fibers are different. You can see all of those little off shoots? You don't feel them (actually, the cloth feels like a very high quality cotton face cloth, it is very soft), but they are there to help really exfoliate and scrub your face. The idea is that they exfoliate off any makeup and face oils, leaving your skin clean and smooth. With or without a cleanser.

So, back to that picture above. I didn't rinse out my Nano Tech between wipes (I was trying for the dramatic picture), but you can really see how much makeup it removed. I used just warm water, and it removed pretty much everything very easily. The only hitch is that you need to be able to rub at something in order to remove it, so I did have a little bit of eyeliner at the base of my lashes (couldn't rub there) and a bit of mascara left on my lashes themselves. I did try using only the Nano Tech for a few days in a row and found that the small amounts left behind were only an issue after about 3 or 4 days when my mascara would be a tad clumped from the residue. Otherwise my skin was smooth and all makeup removed quickly and easily.

To wash and reuse the Nano Tech, simply put them in the enclosed pouch and throw it in the washing machine. They come out good as new!

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I LOVE These NT Anti Aging Cloths
As a professional model I have to pay attention to the care of my skin, but everyone should!! Your skin is the first thing people notice when they see or meet you. That is why, I LOVE these cloths and cannot tell enough people about them, men and women, teenagers, sister, friends, family, anyone!! In my opinion, EVERYONE should be washing their face and body with Nano Tech Cloth's. The shine and glow on your skin and the clean feeling tell it all. My make-up and eye make up come off so thoroughly and effortlessly. Would never want to be without these. They make a great affordable gift that will make a great difference in a persons daily life!! - Julianne (CT)

These Anti Aging Nano Cloths are absolutely amazing to take on trips. I used to take packets of throw away wipes when I traveled. Not only were they expensive, but heavy and took up room in my luggage. These cloths will work with JUST water and are dry by morning if you need to repack. They don't get mixed up with hotel laundry bc their piping and quality. I now buy them as gifts for all of my friends who travel and they are thrilled with them too.
Highly recommend! - SUSIE (PA)

I have been using these wonderful Nano Tech Face and Body cloths for several months and honestly don't know what I would do without them; I have become so attached to these soft, durable and elegant body cloths. I use one every day and have given many as gifts and the reaction is always the same. My friends want to know where I got them and how they too can purchase them. I must say I cannot imagine ever having to give them up.
Sincerely, - Evelyn (AZ)

They Work Well Wet or Dry
I use my Nano Cloths after a workout and they're great! They work well wet or dry. I also use them in the shower. These cloths actually cleanse my oily skin without soap or cleansers. My teenage girls are using the Nano Cloths as well and they are happy because they are no longer sleeping in their make-up every night. Their skin looks much healthier since using these cloths. - Larry Christenson, 1980 World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies

Nano Cloths Even Remove Heavy TV Make-Up!
"Just started using these this week, and WOW! They really get off ALL my makeup, even the heavy, plastered-on, TV airbrush stuff. I'm a fan!" - Kate Bilo , TV Meteorologist, Eyewitness Weather Team 3, Philadelphia Nano Tech

Wash Cloths Have Made My Life Both Easier and Better
As we age there are few things that get easier or better; however, the Nano Tech wash cloths have made my life both easier and better. My bathroom cabinet is empty. Gone are the cleansers, masks, peels, gels, astringents, and facial pads. All I need is WATER and the Nano Tech wash cloth. I am so happy to simplify my facial routine and do more interesting things with my life. - Lorraine (PA)

Perfection in a product is when nothing more can be done to improve the quality of it because it has been already accomplished.
Thank you! - (NY)

I wanted to take a moment to let the manufacturer of the Nano Tech Anti Aging Face and Body Cloths know that they have designed a very nice product, and have a very satisfied customer. At first when I received the towels, I have to admit that I didn't like the way they felt on my hands. They felt rough and actually caught on some of the dry skin around my cuticles.

After I got them wet and applied my liquid soap to them, I was surprised on the amount of lather that they created verses my cotton face towels. Another nice quality that I enjoy is how well they come clean in the washing machine. I was able to wipe off my black mascara, and my lipstick onto them without permanently staining the cloths. Last, but not least is the nice size/thinness of the cloth. I am not a strong person, so when I ring out the Nano Tech Cloths, they immediately release the excess water, not at all like a heavy cotton cloth that holds onto too much water. Sincerely,
-Sharon (FL)

Im Telling My Yoga Students About These!
Hello! Thank you so very much for the Nano cloths! I have been using them and my skin looks GREAT! :-) Now I realize how much make up I'm leaving on my skin after I think I've taken it off when working my fashion shows at HSN! WOW-gross! I've been telling my yoga students about these!
Thanks again! - Colette , HSN Model, (FL)

So Happy I Found These
My face is beaten up every day with dirt and sweat from the football field. I have battled my complexion for years. My mother bought me this cloth. It is the best. I keep it in the shower and when I come home from practice, I jump in the shower. This cloth takes off that junk from my day. I never thought as a high school guy I would care about this stuff. But I think more players need to know how easy it is to keep your face looking good. - Kyle (PA)

Beautiful, Absolutely Beautiful
I want to tell you thank-you, thank-you. I wear make-up everyday and it was taking its toll on my skin. No matter what I have tried, it does not seem to give me results. These NT cloths are bringing me exactly the smooth clean feeling I love. People have been asking me what I have done. I tell them to buy these cloths and they can have it too. - Hannah (NY)

Halloween Adventure
used the new Nano Tech Facial cloths to remove Halloween grease paint from my child's face. It came off easily, no need to use soap or scrub hard and no crying from my child. I use it for my make-up too and love it. - Beth (NJ)

Amazing Difference
I have been using the Nano Tech cloths for one month and the difference is amazing. My skin is fresh and bright. It looks young again, and I thought that only a procedure would bring this glow back. I will be sending these as gifts! - Lorraine (MD)

Best Beauty Product I Ever Bought !
Honestly, the Nano Tech Facial Cloths are the best beauty product I have ever purchased. All I do is wet the cloth and all of my make-up is removed without soap or cleansers. And they launder so well! All of the make-up washes out in the washer and they look as good as new when I take them out of the dryer. Thank you so much. My skin has never looked better. - Susan (NJ)

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