The Nano Tech Face & Body Cloths are so amazing, read below to see some of its uses:

Amazing comfortably soft yet aggressive face and body exfoliator.

Say good by to makeup remover, just a few wipes and it all gets removed.

Easily wipe away mascara and eye cosmetics.

Removes semi permanent lip stick.

Cleans the mascara off of eyelash curlers.  Just wipe with a wet NT.

Use to exfoliate face and body before using sunless tanner.

Use lightly before shaving to exfoliate skin for a closer shave.

Use a week after a bikini wax to help avoid ingrown hairs.

Wet and freeze, store in a cooler and take to the beach, camping, pool, or anywhere else to keep refreshed on a hot day .

Cleans the grease paint football players use under their eyes with ease.

Seamlessly Removes water proof suntan lotion.